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I’m Josue Juarbe Lopez and I spent over 15 years in a corporate job that I enjoyed and was proud of but was not truly passionate about. Whether I’d realized it or not, I’ve always had a passion for people, particularly supporting them in whatever capacity I could at the time. When I started exploring that further, coaching was the perfect fit for me and my life. Through coaching and my training, I have unlocked that passion in greater ways than I could’ve ever hoped for.

It is my mission to support others unlock curiosity, passion, focus, and drive in themselves like I have found throughout my journey. Curious about what that means to you? Let’s Have That ConversationSM!


I love seeing people unlock the power within them and the possibilities available to them in their lives. I want to support people in embracing their curiosity and their discomfort on their way to become who they’re meant to be. Life will keep moving, whether we’re on the journey or not, so why not get onboard and be an active participant in yours?

I firmly believe that we’re always growing into the next version of ourselves….wouldn’t it be empowering to be aware and active in that growth? Coaching doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it isn’t. We can take the journey step by step, conversation by conversation. Your next steps are right in front of you, let’s take them together.